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Catalogue 2022  1 st Collection "Amano"

AP / 1    At Aplat we manufacture well designed products for your home, shaped by memories and references, thanks to simple pieces, warm and fine colors combined with exclusive expertise.

Each product is designed to bring harmony and comfort in the room it inhabits. Aplat is a vocabulary of simple, elementary forms, a repertoire of infinite possibilities of combinations, layouts, approvals through drawing. In our studio located in Paris, we create collections that connect people with their interiors. We are attentive to the production, handmade in Italy, and the origin of the materials we use. We deliver to our customers high quality products with a familiar interior design, which draws its inspiration from Occidental culture.

AP / 1-2    In order to supply premium quality products, we decided to carry out all our production in Italy. The Italian industry is composed of many small independent companies, which are most often run by families. The «made in Italy» is a label of high quality. What makes the difference is the transfer of traditional craftsmanship from one generation to the next and the preservation of regional specialization. The «maestri», of printing, shaping are from the north of Italy, in Como. In recent years, we have developed strong ties with these family businesses. All our production and manufacturing process is located in Italy in the Como region. Artisans carefully make each item one by one.

AP / 1-3    Aplat is a vocabulary of simple, elementary forms, a repertoire of infinite possibilities of combinations, layouts, approvals through drawing. Some various French designers propose their drawings depending on the collection themes.

AP / 1-4    Most of our fabrics are woven in France and a smaller part in Italy. We use 100% cotton fabrics certified Oeko Tex standard 100, with various yarn densities for curtains, but also 100% linen for cushions and tablecloths. As well as wood from FSC® certified Italian forest.

AP / 1-5    We mostly work with Italian craftsmen, who after this unprecedented crisis that has crossed Italy, allows us to contribute and support the crafts of the region of Como and Verona. Committed to our values and roots, we put quality, ethics and responsibility at the heart of all our decisions.

AP / 2    Manufacturing / Inspiration    The manufacturing of our collections, in linen and cotton, follows a special process that ensures quality and durability. It begins when the rolls of fabric, after printing, are rolled on our cutting tables. Our attention to detail, materials and colours is the spirit that drives us at Aplat. Before starting any production, our artisans unroll and cut by hand, piece by piece, the fabric. Unlike the manufacturers, who make this mattress cut by machine, we are committed to keep this artisanal technique, although long and tedious, but guarantee the quality of our products. 

We consider that this manual cut, piece by piece, is essential for linen and cotton fabrics, because it is the only technique allowing to obtain the “straight yarn”. It means to follow the warp thread precisely, to obtain a very straight product, which will not deform over time. Our seamstresses are then responsible for transforming these sections of fabric into bespoke finished products using their know-how and their sewing and serging machines. They take care of the finishing touches before folding and packaging the products one by one to ship them to you. Each product is unique and is made from start to finish by the same seamstress.

AP / 3    Organization. We have also selected clothing workshops in partnership. These workshops are also located in Italy, within a radius of 10 km and each produces part of our confections (tablecloths, curtains and cushions). This makes it possible to contribute to the sustainability of employment in these workshops, while supporting the local economy and guaranteeing optimal manufacturing quality. This proximity allows us to be extremely flexible and responsive, to manufacture your orders as quickly as possible, while guaranteeing impeccable quality. This collaborative know-how also allows us to manufacture according to your orders, to adapt our stocks as accurately as possible and avoid unsold stock.

AP / 4    Eco-responsible. Linen is the only vegetable textile fiber originating in Europe. 85% of the world's fiber flax is grown on the coastal strip from Caen to Amsterdam. Zero GMOs, zero irrigation, zero defoliants, zero waste. Our cottons come from European companies located in Belgium.

AP / 5    Italian manufacturing. Our products are made from premium linen and cotton, grown in Europe. They are handcrafted by passionate craftsmen. Then printed and made in our Italian partner workshops.

AP / 6    The Right Price. We advocate responsible consumption, by applying a fair price all year round: no sales or promotional operations pushing overconsumption. Transparency and fair prices for producers, printers and workshops, as well as for our customers.

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Instagram / @a_p_l_a_t

Studio / Paris / France


Brand & Art Direction / Adrien Eisenlohr
Photography / Jérome Combe
Creative Direction / MBAE Studio

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