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3rd Collection Frénésie de 

la Ligne

For our 3 rd collection Frénésie de la Ligne, we present two different typologies of objects an kitchen towel and trays which are extremely simple in apparence but required an important hight level of craftsmen that they look normals.
Objets are basic, in a certain sens, very delicate, with deliberate small imperfections. 

This limited edition of twenty-five kitchen towels of each colors and four sets of three trays, transcribe in a sensitive, colorful and harmonious way a certain dance of the line. Frénésie de la Ligne is the continuity of this unsatisfactory research around the encounter between a line and a surface, regular and elementary forms.

Credit photography Albert Lee



AP09 kitchen towel collection are a lush mix of colors in your kitchen. The various designs merge the traditional with the contemporary and allow you to mix and match the different colors and patterns to suit any mood and kitchen. An essential for all kitchens, our Aplat kitchen towels in 100% French linen, 360 gsm, dyed then washed and printed in Italy, are appreciated by all. They will be effective day after day. Natural feel and texture, with clean edges and two ties.

Top view 01 rectangle.jpg
Top view 01 rectangle.jpg

A collection of pure washed linen kitchen towels that go perfectly with our tablecloths.
Aplat kitchen towel linen is Oeko-Tex® certified textile free from harmful chemicals. It is pre-washed to give the fabric an extra soft touch and prevent shrinkage.


AP10 is a collection of trays in solid ash tinted. Façade consist of three small shelves, trays that can be assembled to create a colorful landscape or simply use individually as a storage tray, fruit basket, centerpiece and more.

Two sets of three different colours and sizes.

Osby 01 carré.jpg
Aplat_Façade collection 02 plus blanche.jpg
Paris 03 carré.jpg
Ankara 01 carrée.jpg
Aplat_Façade collection 03.jpg

We like the way of thinking objects, to consider and put in the center of our collection the artisan and the craftsmanship. Our Façade trays are handmade in north of France by Iris Mallet.
We decided to use colors present in our tea towels to make them coexist and thus reinforce this idea of ​​frenzy

Beijing 01 carré.jpg
Aplat_Façade collection 01 plus blanche.jpg
Paris 03 carré.jpg
Floriana 01 carré.jpg
Aplat_Façade collection 04.jpg

2nd Collection Cena colorata

Our new tablecloth brings simple luxury around the table. These elegant limited edition celebrate the timeless pleasures of bringing people together in a soft, delicately colored atmosphere.

For our second year in Milano design fair, Aplat collabored with Alcova on private diner. Alcova is a platform for designers and companies investigating the future of living and making founded by Valentina Ciuffi (Studio Vedèt) and Joseph Grima (Space Caviar). Each year during the world’s largest design event, Milan Design Week, Alcova brings together the people and institutions defining design culture today through ground-breaking work on living environments, products, systems, materials and technological innovation.

Aplat_AP01-02 Linen Tablecloth MDW02.jpg
Aplat_AP01-02 Linen Tablecloth MDW03.jpg

At Aplat we manufacture Limited Edition linen tablecloth for Alcova Milano . On sale at Alcova shop 

Aplat_AP01-02 Linen Tablecloth MDW01.jpg

1st Collection "AMANO"

The first collection is inspire by the word Aplat . It is the property of the sheet of paper to present itself in a uniform and flat manner, without wrinkles or creases. A surface of uniform color with same shade, same power and purity. The collection is base on a simple detail of perception of colors and lines.
In this scenario we create a vocabulary of regular, elementary forms, a repertoire of infinite possibilities, of combinations, grid and patterns. Is a dialogue around the encounter between a line and a surface. 

Curtains, Cushions, Tablecloths are designed to bring harmony and comfort in contemporary living space. We are attentive to the production, and the origin of the materials we use. Each pieces are hand made in the north of Italy near the region of Como with a high quality level of production. 


AP04 Cotton Curtain

Aplat_AP Amano Collection_Cushions.jpg

AP05-08 Linen Cushion 

At Aplat we manufacture well designed products for your home, shaped by memories and references, thanks to simple pieces, warm and fine colors combined with exclusive expertise.

We deliver to our customers high quality products with a familiar interior design, which draws its inspiration from Occidental culture.

Amano Collection 

We deliver to our customers high quality products with a familiar interior design, which draws its inspiration from Occidental culture.


AP04 Cotton Curtains

AP04 Cotton Curtains

Aplat_2022-03_1385 02.jpg

AP05-08 Linen Cushion 


AP05-08 Linen Cushion 

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